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The Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve is all the craze right now! Any search on google will generate 1,000,000’s of hits with life and “health hacks” galore. With all the research, bio hacking and natural science that has been reported lately, it’s cool to hear about a part of our nervous system that can have such an amazing impact on our health and adaptability…

But did you also know the Vagus Nerve is VERY important for our kid’s development, behavior and even sensory comfortability? In this video Dr. Ali Miller digs into the science of an active Vagus Nerve and a Vagus Nerve that is “turned down.”

Plus – applying this Vagus “fine tuning” has never been easier! Check out this in-depth look at how the Vagus Nerve works and HOW it gets stuck and “turned down.” In the first place.

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