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Mom Minute Summary

Each episode will share with you the real minutes of being a mom. How do we fit in time for exercise, inspiration, a laugh or a healthy recipe? Your host and fellow mom, Dr. Ali Miller will share a few minutes to encourage and enrich your journey of motherhood. Follow more of my mom minutes on my Facebook page @Ali Miller or my office page. You can also catch me on Instagram or Twitter.

Episode 001 – The Why Behind Mom Minute

This is my story. How I became a mom of 3 and how nothing is at easy as it seems. The goal of this podcast is to share these short minutes of information and inspiration to fellow moms.

  • Health tips
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Inspiration
  • Fun

Episode 002 – You Are Not Alone

You are not alone. It seems pretty common that mothers compare themselves to others! Where does this come from and how can we get over the idea that we have to do it all on our own? Didn’t the Beatles have a song called Help?

Episode 003 – Gratitude

Gratitude is a key ingredient in the recipe of life. Being grateful will help you to be nicer, to be healthier and above all to be happier.

Episode 004 – We Are Family

Family Day is a holiday created for families. It is so important to create moments and traditions with your family. We try so hard as parents to provide for our children and keep them busy. When all is said and done what moments do they remember most and where do they find joy?

Episode 005 – How Long Do I Go Without Eating?

Intermittent fasting is one of the latest buzz words around gyms and weight loss. It is easy to follow and very cost effective:). Here are some of the benefits and tips on how to implement fasting into your lifestyle. As with any health practice, please consult your health care practitioner to discuss your health goals and any health concerns that you may have.

Episode 006 – What the Funk?

There ain’t a mama around that is immune to the funk! You know, the not eating what you’re supposed to, not exercising like you should, spending too much time on your devices. The key is recognizing when you’re in the funk and making the commitment to yourself to get out!

Episode 007 – Simple

Confucius says that life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated. Where can simplify our lives and how would that bring us joy?

Episodes 008 -Lessons From A Swim Meet

You can pull life lessons from almost anything. Watching kids at a swim meet pulled two of my favourites; getting out of your comfort zone and swimming your own race!

Episode 009 – Don’t Be Scared of a Fever

Learn where a fever comes from and why we don’t have to be scared of it. In this episode we also share some tips on supporting a child through a fever.

Episode 010 – Show Up For Your Girlfriends

Life is about showing up for the people you care about. Showing up for your girlfriends keeps these relationships alive and strong.

Episode 011 – Are You Addicted to Social Media?

Celery juice is not new. But the craze of drinking it is becoming more and more popular. Learn the top 10 health benefits of drinking celery juice first thing in the morning.

Episode 012 -What’s the Deal with Celery Juice?

How many times have you found yourself clicking on Facebook or Instagram many times a day without even really thinking about it? Have we become addicts to social media and how do we balance the online life with real life?

Episode 013 – Motherhood vs the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is happening next week. In listening to the story of how American female runner Des Linden won last year, I was able to pull out some pretty cool parallels on running and motherhood.

Episode 014 – Teenage Anxiety

Teenage anxiety statistics have risen sharply in the last decade. Learn what anxiety means, how it shows up and some tips on how to help.

Episode 015 – A Heart to Heart with a Mother of Two Sons with Autism

April is the month of Autism Awareness. Years ago I was introduced to MirianSansalone, a mother of four of which her two eldest are non verbal with Autism. To say that this woman is amazing is an understatement. I sat down with her to ask her a few questions on her role as a mama.

Episode 016 – Helping to Raise the Village

It takes a village to raise a child! There is no need to do this motherhood thing alone. We need the village of other moms to support us through this journey. How can we make sure that we are a valuable village to everyone around us?

Episode 017 – Ditch the Hard-Ons!

You can do everything you want to do in a lifetime…but you can’t do it all at the same time. A big lesson for women and how ditching the hard-ons will help.

Episode 018-Mother’s Day Edition

A special Mother’s Day Edition! Making sure that everyone is getting their share of mom minutes. Thankful and honoured to share the title of mom with all of you.

Episode 019 – Is Self Care Selfish?

Is self care selfish or needed? Why we need to pour into ourselves so that we have more to give to others.

Episode 020 – 10 Minute Workout with Me

We can come up with every excuse in the book as to how NOT to fit in exercise. That stops here. Workouts can be quick, simple and effective. In fact, we are going to do one right here and now in ten minutes. Get ready:)

Episode 021 – Writing Your Own Bestseller

It’s easy to go through life thinking that your book has already been written. What about letting our imaginations go and writing our own bestseller? The story of our amazing life!

Episode 022 – Who Wants to Date Their Spouse?

Remember the feelings and excitement when your first started dating your partner or spouse? Remember the effort you put it to how you looked, what you wrote and where you went? Date night is critical in a successful relationship.

Episode 023 -Waiting on the World to Change

Are you waiting on the world to change? Imagine if everyone instead of complaining with what’s wrong in the world actually did some small tasks to make this world a better place!

Episode 024 – Are the Bubbles Good For You?

Fizzy water as my kids like to say is everywhere! Is drinking carbonated water just as good for you as flat water and what other options do you have if you don’t like water?

Episode 025 -The Importance of a Morning Routine

Chances are you have a had a morning routine for ages that gets you ready and dressed for the day. BUT do you have a morning routine to set your day up to be great? Learn tips and strategies on winning your morning so you can win your day.

Episode 026 – Respect Yourself

Respecting and loving ourselves is the basis for every strong and healthy relationship in our lives. Learning to have self respect will increase your happiness.

Episode 027 – We Are the Sandwich Generation

Middle aged women are the sandwich generation. Filling our days with taking care of both our children and our aging parents. These days are filled with big events and big emotions.

Episode 028 – Go Look Outside with your Kids

Spending time outside and appreciating the outdoors is important for so many reasons. Learn what we can we do with our little ones outside so that they grow to love and take care of nature.

Episode 029 – Period

This one is all about your period. What happens during these glorious days, what foods might help during the different phases, what workouts should we be doing? Take control and own your period:)

Episode 030 – Mommy Guilt

There is no definition of mom guilt but most of us have felt it. Where does it come from is there anything we can do to conquer it!

Episode 031 – What’s your Child’s Love Language?

The five love languages; physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts and acts of service. Which language do you speak and more importantly which language does she child speak to feel loved?

Episode 032- Oh Happy Day!

Birthdays are a chance to celebrate and reflect on the previous year. In this episode, I think back on ten of my biggest life lessons.

Episode 033 – Central Perk

Think about those six friends sitting on the couch in Central Perk. Think about how your friends have changed over your lifetime. Friendship is a two way street of what you bring to the relationship and what you need.

Episode 034 – Are you Ready for Back to School?

Back to school brings joy and dread to so many people. Get off on the right foot so that this school year can be the best yet. Remember that we’re all in this together.

Episode 035 – The Dads!

Dads bring different things to the parenting table; from the way they communicate with children to the way they play. In this episode we thank them for all of those things and give credit where credit is due.

Episode 036 – We Got the Beet

People either think beets taste like candy or they taste like dirt! Learn why beets are a superfood and how you can incorporate them into your diet.

Episode 037 – Hug It Out

Hugs make us feel good! But research shows that they are also good for us. Take a listen to learn how can we incorporate more affection into families.

Episode 038 – Sunday Dinner

Imagine having a meal every Sunday with your family, your siblings and your parents. Imagine the memories you create for a lifetime. Here’s how to keep it simple and light.

Episode 039 – Debbie Downer, You’re Hurting Your Brain

Calling all Debbie Downers! Constant complaining can negatively affect our brains and our health. Learn how we can shift our thinking to the more positive side and shine a little brighter!

Episode 040 – Raising Boys vs Raising Girls

Do mamas of boys raise their children differently than mamas of girls? We know that parenting any child is not easy but the way we lead our children is going to shape the future.

Episode 041 – No Human is Limited

The only reason humans don’t do the impossible every day is because of the limits they put on ourselves. This past weekend Eliud Kipchoge crushed a marathon in under two hours. How do we break through the barriers?

Episode 042 – What Makes a Superwoman?

What are the pieces that make up a superwoman? And maybe those pieces are different for all of us. The magic lies in knowing what it means to you so you can fulfill this great role.

Episode 043 – The Flu is not a Season!

The season of colds, coughs and flus is upon us. When we think of this season, it becomes common that our children struggle more with being sick. Just because it is common, does not mean it is normal. Learn why we need to make our bodies more adaptable and not to be afraid of germs!

Episode 044 – Family Style

Family style meals all about sharing. Connecting with others at a table and literally sharing food brings joy, memories and better health. Learn how we can bring this into our kitchens at home.

Episode 045 – Expect Miracles

Are you walking around witnessing all the miracles in your life? When you stop and think about it, there may be miracles all around you.

Episode 046 – Extroverts & Introverts

Extroverts and introverts are just one of the ways that we can classify ourselves and our children. For the longest time, I actually had the meaning of these types incorrect. Learn where your family may fall on the spectrum and how you can use that to support them.

Episode 047 – Combating Holiday Stress

The holiday season is here! And for many that brings a lot of stress. Let’s talk about how to shift what that word means and how to implement strategies that will help us better adapt to stress.

Episode 048 -The Gift of Giving

Tis the season of giving. Holidays are about joy, and giving and sharing bring a lot of people joy. The stress of what to give can also be a challenge for many. Learn why we give and some tips on how to find the perfect gift.

Episode 049 – Breaking Bad

We are not perfect. We are going to have bad habits. There is science behind why we do these bad habits and there has to be strategies on how to break them and how to implement good behaviours in their place.

Episode 050 – What’s in a Decade?

2020 is here!! It is crazy to think of a new decade and impossible to not reflect on the last ten years. How far have you come, what have you learned and what are you thinking moving into this next chapter?

Episode 051 -Willpower Won’t Do

Do you love a New Year’s resolution? How can we set ourselves up to make this year different, to actually create lasting change? I’ve got the secret and funny enough it’s already in your body.

Episode 052 – Picky Eater Be Gone

Do you have a picky eater at your table? Have you wondered why your toddler won’t eat any meat? In this episode we cover some strategies on how to battle the little humans that just don’t want to eat!

Episode 053 – Let’s Talk

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. A day to raise money and spread awareness towards mental health initiatives. Mental health needs to be a priority today, tomorrow and every day after that. Listen in on how to make your mental health a priority for this year.

To get help;

Episode 054 – Sequins and Footballs

Two strong women dominating the biggest stage in sports. They brought flare, they brought culture, and oh…they brought their hips!

Episode 055 -Eat the Fat

For years, fat has been a bad three letter word. Times have changed and we are now encouraged to bring back the fat. Here’s why we need to have fat in our diets and how to do it.

Episode 056 -Kind

Kindness seems to be one of those new trend words. We see it everywhere. What does it really mean and are YOU practicing kindness?

Episode 057 – A Room of 4000 Women

This past weekend I was a participant in the Rise Toronto Conference. Talk about amazing girl power! You can learn about true wellness from a room of 4000 women and what power that room has moving forwards.

Episode 058 – When Fear Takes Over

The world is going through some trying times right now. It is really hard to not shift to fear and panic. We need to learn how to take ourselves out of this state and back to a state of calm. Let’s talk some simple strategies on how to do this and how to teach our families.

Episode 059 – Immunity Boosting

Tips If it’s not the seed, it’s the soil, how do we make our soil stronger? How do we set up our bodies so that they are stronger to fight?

Episode 060 – When COVID Means CO-KID

Working from home may be a treat for many of us. Except this time you’re required to do it with all the kids home too! How do we manage this time so that everyone is still happy and productive at the end of the day.

Episode 061 -Homeschooling Help

Many of us did not attend teacher’s college but we have still fallen into the role of homeschool teacher. Luckily, a great friend of mine who happens to be a Vice Principal and awesome mama of two boys has provided me with some tips and advice to get you through this time.

Episode 062 – Time to Declutter

With Spring around the corner and a little more time on our hands, it is a great time to declutter! Learning from a minimalist expert, this episode will share how even those of us who aren’t good at it, can get it done.

Episode 063 – We Need Connection

Human beings are social beings. We need to be connected to one another. For our health and for our happiness. Our world isn’t letting us connect right now and what will the fall out from that be?

Episode 064 – Diary of a Keto Mom

Fad diets or new ways of eating are always the buzz. Our family is on day 10 of the keto diet. In this episode you’ll learn the why behind how it works, the benefits you may see and feel and our experience in bringing it to real life.

Episode 065 – Overwhelm

Moms are no stranger to overwhelm. It is a part of life with everything being thrown at us. The trick is that while it is normal and ok to feel overwhelm, we do not want to get stuck there!

Episode 066. – Happy Mother’s Day!

Have you ever thought about why you love being a mom? On this special episode you will hear from all kinds of moms. It will make you smile at the job we call mom and deepen your appreciate for all the moments:) Enjoy.

Episode 067 – I Just Want to Sleep!

Sleep is essential for our health. During times of stress, sleep is something we really need but ironically can be the hardest thing to get. Learn some easy tips to give you a better night’s sleep.

Episode 068 – In My Feelings

Today was one of those days full of feelings. Sometimes it’s hard to know if these feelings are supposed to be shared or hidden. Do they serve purpose in our lives?

Episode 070 – A Different Approach to New Normal

“New normal” seems to be the latest catch phrase. What if we thought about new normal as being better than before, what if it wasn’t about lines and masks. What if new normal meant better health??

Episode 071 – Motherhood Really is Little Fires Everywhere

I just finished watching the series Little Fires Everywhere and let me tell you, it was awesome! Motherhood is a central theme and so it fits in line perfect with this podcast. The many types of mothers and the many roles that come under that title. Check it out.

Episode 072 – Recovery

Recovery is real, and it requires effort. There are six areas of life that we need to recover from on a daily basis. When you allow your body and brain to recover in all of these areas, there is greatness.

Episode 073 – When You Have Nothing to Say

It is a strange feeling when you have nothing to say. It can happen for a couple of reasons and learning to be still in those moments will help to move you forwards.

Episode 074 – COVID Recovery Summit Part 1 – Nutrition

In Part 1 of our COVID Recovery Summit, we are talking to Sue McHardy, Personal Trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. The goal of recovery is to give you hope, answers and help to move you forwards in health.

Episode 075 – COVID Recovery Summit Part 2 – Sleep!

In Part 2 of our COVID Recovery Summit we are talking to Dr. Rupa Salwan, Naturopathic Doctor. We are diving into sleep challenges and how sleep is crucial in giving your body the chance to heal and repair. Get in touch with Dr. Rupa at

Episode 076 – COVID Recovery Summit Part 3 – Anxiety

In our final part of the COVID Recovery Summit, we are talking with psychotherapist Robyn Godber. This pandemic has been new for all of us and it has been big. Let’s discuss the feelings we have felt during this time and more importantly how can this resilience help to move us forwards.

Episode 077 – Misery Loves Company

Have you noticed that often in life, when we are feeling great about something or making a positive change in our lives that someone is right beside you ready to bring you down a notch. Is there a trick to keeping an optimistic attitude?

Episode 078 – The Light

The light. Around us and within us. On this birthday episode I will share what light means to me.

Episode 079 – I See You Moms

Motherhood isn’t easy. There are days when we feel like we have it mastered and there are days when nothing goes right. This is an acknowledgement to seeing you during all of those moments.

Episode 080 – Roots and Wings

There are only two lasting things we can hope to give our children; one is roots, the other is wings. As we have another bird flying the coop at the Miller house, we can reflect on how parenting your children sets them up for success in the adult world.

Episode 081 – The Lesson In A Burn

This past weekend I was burned 3 times!!! Am I not paying attention to what I’m doing, is it bad luck or is it symbolism to something else? In this episode we will dig into what lesson we can learn from this.

Episode 082 – Why There is Struggle Right Now

There are a lot of people having a hard time right now. This episode will hit the 3 reasons that many of our kids (and parents) might be struggling. Let’s find out where we’re at and make a game plan to move forwards with courage.

Episode 083 – Pregnancy and Infant Loss

1 in 4 women experience miscarriage. For many, it has been a time to silently grieve. During this month of awareness we are hearing mother’s stories to acknowledge that we are not alone in this journey or in this loss. For support groups, please check #1in4, #ihadamiscarriage or #pregnancylossawareness on Instagram.

Episode 084 – When the College Kids Come Home

It’s that time of year when your big kids who have been away at school make their first trip home for a holiday. It’s an adjustment for everyone involved but there are a couple of things that both parents and kids can do to make the transition a little more positive. Take a listen, share a hug and enjoy your time together.

Episode 085 – The Lioness is NOT the Lion

Interesting how in 2020 we seem like we are still striving for equality between men and women. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to sit back and appreciate our differences. The lioness is powerful in the wild. She doesn’t try and be like the lion. She knows her strength.

Episode 086 – The Dreaded Sugar Craving

Sugar cravings are real! Celebrations and holidays can definitely make them come with a vengeance. Learn where they come from and how different personality types may be able to put the cravings aside.

Episode 087 – Conscious Mamas

Conscious parenting is about connecting and nurturing with our children on a deeper level. This episode will provide a summary of some of the main concepts to become a more conscious parent.

Episode 088 – TRUST that your body is STRONG!

We need to shift our thinking and remember how strong and amazing our bodies are! How there are so many things happening every minute of every day to keep us alive and healthy! We have trusted our bodies for a lifetime, it is time to start trusting them again!

Episode 089 – It’s Winter! And yes, we can still play outside with our kids!

When the weather changes to cold and snowy, it is sometimes hard to think about playing outside with our kids. Dressing them warmly and finding activities to do can present as obstacles. Here’s a few strategies on getting outside to reap the benefits of fresh air while keeping everyone including mom happy:)

Episode 090 – Why Your Brain Needs a Break!

We are no stranger to recognizing that our bodies sometimes need a break. But what about our brains? Is there benefit to the matter between our ears getting a little downtime? Is there a difference between downtime and free time?

Episode 091 – Why Chiropractic Care for Babies?

Many moms know about the incredible benefits of chiropractic care for babies. It is safe, gentle and effective. Children’s health begins in pregnancy and birth.

Episode 092 – Good Ole Grandparents

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is beneficial on many levels. Sometimes it can save a family a babysitter and sometimes it is for pure emotional support. Working on this bond throughout life will enrich your child’s life!

Episode 093 – Informed Consent in Healthcare

Informed consent in healthcare is necessary before any medical or alternative treatment, procedure or medication. It is about giving a patient all the information they need to make an informed decision about their healthcare choice. This helps a patient to make an educated and voluntary decision. As a patient, you have the right to make informed choices about your health, your body and what works best for you.

Episode 094 – Stop Start 2021

A new year brings new goals and new ideas. I’m taking a different approach this year to replacing behaviours. Learn why STOP START will bring you more success this year.

Episode 095 – 5 Questions for 2021

Having a hard time making those so called New Year’s Resolutions? Here are five questions to ask yourself for 2021. A different approach to setting up a great year!

Episode 096 – Did Your Ice Cream Melt?

It is easy to get caught up in all that is happening around us to the point that we check out. Maybe it shows up as us not listening or not paying attention. Sometimes it shows up as us trying to take that moment to enjoy sometime in the future. Are you missing out on the present?

Episode 097 – Better Brain Health

Brain health is uber important to our overall health but it’s sometimes overlooked. You can’t see it on the outside and you don’t necessarily feel it. Here are an easy 10 things you can start doing daily that will improve your brain health.

Episode 098 – Awww NUTS!

We hear about the health benefits of nuts all the time. Which nuts are best? How many nuts do we eat? How do we incorporate them into our day? Get all the nuts and bolts right here :)

Episode 099 – The Importance of Brakes!

Our nervous system’s operate much like a car with a gas and brake pedal. You push one to go and you push one to slow down. They can never be pushed at the same time! Learn what it means to be in a gas pedal or stressed state and why we have to learn how to pump the brakes.

Episode 100 – 100 BABY!

Moms have a lot to do! We are 100 episodes in and we have only started the journey. What started out as a passion project has turned into life lessons for me and a tribe of support for women.

Episode 101 – Music is Life

Music is much more than entertainment. It triggers memories, it motivates us and it allows us to be creative. I am grateful that music has always been a huge piece of my life.

Episode 102 – A Difference of Opinion

There will always be people that have a different opinion than you. It would be unrealistic to think that we all think the same. Over the last year we have become more divided and need to learn the difference between opinion and judgement.

Episode 103 – Bring Back Some Fun!

When was the last time you had a little bit of fun? Can you even remember? These days it is crucial to bring fun back into our lives. It helps us to thrive. It helps us to heal. It helps to bring a smile to your face. My challenge for this month of May is to have you bring some fun back into your lives. Get after it and have fun!

Episode 104 – Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, Either is Your Health!

I’m sure that we have all met someone who didn’t make changes to their health until they had no other choice. Don’t let this be you! There are little things we can do every day that will improve our health. Health is not a one day event!

Episode 105 – Are You a Faucet or a Drain?

People either inspire you or they drain you. Pick them wisely. In this episode we talk about strategies to manage the “drains” in our lives and more importantly we talk about how we can be a “faucet” for someone else.

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