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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Thank you for seeing me! I know I need to treat me first, in order to help my family, who will also benefit from your support. I look forward to your help in bettering my health.
    - Mirjana P.
  • For the very first time, I actually feel like were going to get the help we need. Grateful and thankful for the support given by Pina and Dr. Ally!
    - Candice L.
  • We absolutely loved our visit with Dr. Ali! She was everything we hoped to find in a pediatric chiropractor for our children.
    - Caterina M.
  • I felt positive energy as soon as I entered the office. I felt comfortable with COVID protocols. Pina is very friendly. Dr. Ali is very approachable, sociable yet professional. I feel confident in her capabilities.
    - Maria R.
  • Awesome experience with Dr. Ally as well as her office staff. Super friendly, accommodating, and explained everything so that my daughter could understand what was happening. Overall, a wonderful experience. We are looking forward to working with Dr. Ally and her team.
    - Joanna C.
  • Great service and very friendly staff. Best chiropractor I’ve been to and made me feel comfortable.
    - Rebecca C.
  • I already feel the difference, even just after my first visit I felt relief and comfort in my body that I hadn’t felt for a long time. I am looking forward to a future of feeling better, having energy and getting becoming a new, healthier version of me.
    - Mandy Z.
  • I was very happy with my first appointment – I think the clinic is a very inviting atmosphere and Dr. Ali is knowledgeable and friendly. I look forward to my treatment and getting relief.
    - Melissa B.
  • She is an amazing individual and caring.
    - Debbie M.
  • Would definitely recommend Dr. Ali. She was extremely helpful in helping my son.
    - Gina M.
  • I was nervous (covid, cleanliness, 10 month old, pregnant, in general) but was greeted with a wonderful smile from all staff. The facility was clean and welcoming. Dr. Ali was wonderful with my shy and over stimulated son. Thanks for the experience. Oh!! Stroller friendly. A plus!!
    - Heather W.
  • My children love visiting Dr. Ali.. she is so patient and kind with the kids! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for chiropractic care!
    - Lucca Family
  • After my first visit, I immediately went onto Facebook and made a post about how I wished I’d found your services sooner and raved about how I felt brand new. I was surprised to learn how many others my age were also getting these types of services. Thanks Dr. Ali!
    - Danica M.
  • Very impressed with my first visit, such a personalized experience. I can tell that a lot of thought and care is put into the client experience. 100% will recommend Dr. Ali to others. Thank you!
    - Jaclyn B.
  • A+ right from the start. Looking forward to the weekly sessions and treatment plan set out by Dr. Ali.
    - Michael F.
  • I was a bit nervous at 1st but after speaking with Dr. Miller I felt more at ease and just after a few visits I started feeling so much better. She explains what she will be doing before she does the procedure & she welcomes questions from the patient. All in all a great experience! Thank you!
    - Cathy B.
  • Her nervous system and immune system are stronger now… the difference is indescribable!
    -Ricci’s Story
  • Dr Ali is wonderful her positive energy is contagious. I live the way she really listens to you and makes you feel Cared for really wonderful experience.
    - Cindy F.
  • When I began coming I had a lot of pain as well as stress. Dr. Ali taught me all about the impact the spine has throughout your entire body. I have only gone twice and it has made such difference in not only my pain but energy levels, mood and overall it has had a huge positive impact!
    - Brianna N.
  • I brought my daughter initially to another Chiropractor and felt uneasy and very unsatisfied. As soon as I brought her to Family Health Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Ali put my mind at ease She was very thorough and proactive….she went above and beyond. Highly recommended
    - Katherine S.
  • Dr. Ali is so nice and helpful. She is very informative and explains everything so well and makes you feel very comfortable with your treatment plan. After my first visit I was already feeling a lot better and at ease that I finally found someone who can help. She not only helps with chiropractic care but she does this full assessment with this wicked machine to see where your stresses are and what areas of the body need work. Hands down the best!!!!
    - Adriana M.
  • Dr. Ali is amazing. She took the time to really understand my needs and concerns.
    - Maria S.
  • I went praying for a miracle, and that miracle happened… I got my happy baby back!
    -Garcia’s Story
  • Great experience! Looking forward to my follow-up.
    - Kelli B.

About Family Health Chiropractic and Wellness

A unique chiropractic practice focusing on pediatrics, prenatal, and family wellness care! In a world quickly switching to drug-free, natural health care, we are entirely committed to providing the best care possible to fit those needs!

Our team will ensure YOUR experience is incredible each and every visit! Together, we make a family!