Dr. Ali has a special place in her heart for babies and children. As a mother herself, she wants to see kids get the healthiest possible start in life. That’s why she is passionate to care for pregnant moms, newborns, infants and children.

Chiropractic care is great for pregnant women, helping expectant moms to be more comfortable during their pregnancy and helping to ease labor. Birth trauma is a common occurrence, and many conditions affecting the health of young children can be related back to the birth. When we begin caring for a child right from birth we can help reduce the effects of birth trauma and ensure they are on a healthy path for the rest of their lives.


We love adjusting pediatric patients in our office! We try to make sure that our smallest patients are comfortable and happy which in turn helps ease parents with the care they are receiving.

In our office, we use the Insight Subluxation Station, which is a non-invasive and completely painless scan of our nervous system. Our adjustments are all low force and are geared specifically to the child’s age and size. You can imagine the force of a child’s adjustment by thinking of the pressure you might use to comfortably push on your eyeball or test the ripeness of a fresh tomato. Dr. Ali has been trained in pediatric chiropractic to ensure her patient’s comfort.

We always take the time to explain everything we’re doing. We explain what the scan is checking, what we’re looking for in our exam, and exactly how we’ll be caring for each patient. When kids understand health and where it comes from, it puts them on a great path of healthy lifestyle choices for life! Kids are the first ones to run in to the office and love to be adjusted!