Ear Infections

There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer.  As parents, it makes us feel so helpless. Although ear infections are one of the most common reasons to visit a family doctor, it does not mean they are normal.

The traditional approach to otitis media includes;

  • Antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics may work well with acute bacterial infections, but many cases are viral, for which antibiotics are useless.
  • Tubes in the ears. Surgery that involves putting in artificial drainage tubes.  A surgeon once told me that there is no such thing as a small surgery!  This surgery still involves anesthesia and often times the tubes can actually fall out.

Times are changing and many parents (and even general practitioners) are choosing more conservative approaches.

  • Dietary changes, specifically elimination of dairy and/or wheat.
  • Chiropractic care. A chiropractic examination and nervous system scan may locate nerve disturbances that are making the ear more prone to infection.

It’s hard to wrap your brain around the idea of what chiropractic would have to do with ears but when we know the nerves that control and regulate the ear exit through bones in the spinal column, it just makes sense!

When the bones of the upper neck are misaligned, the nerve signals exiting this area are interfered with and in turn affect the function of the ear and it’s ability to fight off infection.  The muscles in and around the ear are also affected and can put unequal pressure on the lymphatic drainage ducts in the area.  When drainage doesn’t happen, the end result is a plumbing problem and infection.

How Chiropractic Helps

Chiropractic isn’t a treatment for ear infections but a chiropractor can detect misalignments in the upper spine.  If nervous system function is compromised in this area, a chiropractic adjustment may help to restore balance.  The adjustment is gentle and modified for our young child patients.  The amount of pressure we use is about the amount of force you would use to push on your eyeball.  Kids love it…parents love the results.