Chiropractic is not a treatment for asthma. However, many patients who suffer from asthma report improvement through chiropractic care.

Research has shown the connection between the spinal column and the nervous system.  Nerves that exit the spinal column control the respiratory system.  Patients suffering from asthma and having to rely on puffers have seen improvements after beginning chiropractic care.

Why Asthma?

The incidence of asthma in young children is rising exponentially.  This has been related to many factors, the increase of chemicals in our environment being number one.  The rates of c sections, antibiotics, and our obsession with germ killing have also been referenced in our increasing rates of asthma.

Homes these days, are airtight and can trap chemicals, molds, formaldehyde and other irritants lessening the air quality for those that live there.  However, it still doesn’t make sense..if these factors were the only issue, wouldn’t all children living in the same house, breathing the same air, be suffering equally?

How Would Chiropractic Help?

We mentioned that the nerves exiting your spinal column control your respiratory system.  Your diaphragm is the primary muscle used for breathing and the nerves controlling it exit the spinal cord in your mid neck area.  If there are spinal problems in this area, the affect on your nerve supply to your diaphragm can be significant.  Chiropractic is based on reducing subluxations in the spine to help and restore proper nervous system function of the respiratory system.

A research paper looked at 81 children with asthma who received chiropractic care for a period of two months.  The study revealed that almost half of the children saw a decrease in asthma attacks during this period and that 31% voluntarily chose to reduce their medication.  This is what happens when nervous system function to the lungs is improved!

We have witnessed many young girls and boys find relief from asthma through chiropractic care.  Children suffer fewer attacks and enjoy their time playing sports and being outdoors!  If your son or daughter is struggling and you are curious whether it is subluxation that is causing some of their symptoms, please give our office a call.  We would be honoured to help.