The Perfect Storm Event

perfect-storm-logoWe know parenting is hard.  Juggling work, homework, sporting activities and making sure your child is well adjusted is no easy task.  We know that it is even harder when your child has trouble sleeping, is always sick, has difficulty focusing at school or is suffering with anxiety.  You feel helpless and wish that you could make things all better.  You may have even gotten a diagnosis for your child that has put a name to the symptoms.  Maybe a doctor has told you that your child is ADHD, SPD, has asthma, allergies, anxiety or is on the Autism Spectrum.  What you’re missing is a key ingredient…how you can make things better for your child.

For years, I have heard many parents like you with the same struggles – crying, colicky babies, chronic ear infections, behavior issues, sensory processing challenges, motor challenges including walking and balance issues…the list goes on.

What I have also learned from parents it that you have the HOPE that your child can feel better.  I too, believe in that hope and want to share information with you that can teach you the step by step hidden causes that led to your child’s health and school challenges.  I want to help you help your child!

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